At the University of Regina, 2021 - (Instructor)

ENEV 372 - Transportation Systems (core course)

  • Transportation system design and operation

  • Urban transportation planning

ENEV 475 - Traffic Engineering (elective course)

  • Traffic volume and safety studies

  • Highway capacity and level of service

ENEV 435 - Project Management (core course)

  • Project lifecycle and critical control points

  • Project costs, quality and risks management

ENEV 886DF - Urban Transportation Networks (graduate course)

  • Urban transportation network and equilibrium analysis

  • Optimization problem formulations and algorithms

At the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2015 - 2019 (Teaching Assistant)

CIVL3610 - Traffic and Transportation Engineering

  • Four-step transportation planning

  • Shortest path algorithms

CIVL2170 - Infrastructure Systems Engineering and Management

  • Simplex methods for linear programs

  • Economic feasibility studies and analysis

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