Interested applicants for the following positions please submit the application through the university system. Only complete applications received from the university system will be reviewed and processed. Due to the large volume of emails, I apologize for not replying to individual inquiries.

Urgent Positions - Two Vacancies

I have TWO funded MASc student positions at the University of Regina that need to be filled as early as possible for Fall 2022 and Winter 2023. All qualified candidates are invited to apply, however, preferences will be given to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

The positions have concurrent industrial internships. Prospective MASc students will work with intensive data sources on multimodal transportation systems including:

  • multimodal transportation network demand, parking and incident predictions

  • transit crowding analysis

  • transportation system response plan and evaluation

  • dynamic incentivization and assessments

Skills requirements:

  • Solid programming skills in Python and Ubuntu system.

  • Education background and practical experience in deep learning models or/and neural network models.

  • Experience in qualitative and quantitative analysis, education background in transportation, economics, marketing and management science will be considered an asset.

  • Passions on multimodal transportation systems and big data technologies

  • Excellent communication skills

Interested students please apply through the system and submit the following materials:

  • CV

  • research proposal

  • latest transcripts

  • one sample code

  • one selected publication if there is any

Review of the applications will start on May 1st on a rolling basis. The positions will remain open until they are filled.

Accepting New Students and Research Positions

Master and PhD students

I am currently accepting new students for Winter/Summer/Fall 2023. Prospective students can work in one or more of the directions in the current projects or expand their own research interests. The research work will have close collaborations with universities and companies in US, Denmark, Japan and Hong Kong China. Internship opportunities are also available.

Research Assistant/Postdoc

I am recruiting Research Assistant, Research Associate and Postdoc for the current projects. Appointments will be based on the applicant's background, publications and project experience.

Mitacs related fellowships

Please indicate if you plan to or have applied for any Mitacs projects and fellowships.

Interested students please apply through the system and submit the following materials:

  • CV

  • research proposal. The research proposal is not necessarily your future research topic but a significant reference to evaluate your application.

  • latest transcripts

  • selected publications if there are any

Please select the correct Program in your application (Program of Environmental Systems Engineering), and add my name in the Program of Study section in your application if you would like your application to be reviewed earlier.

The initial selection process including financial decisions will start two weeks after the deadline.

Notes: Domestic applicants applying for MASc and PhD programs may still be eligible to apply after the deadline. Please contact me for details as early as possible.

Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities

I fully support eligible graduate and undergraduate students to apply for the scholarships. Supervisors' references or recommendation letters can be provided. It is with applicants' responsibility to check the eligibility and deadlines of the scholarships. Below is some of the information for your references:

  • Typical Scholarship Opportunities:

for PhD: UofR Scholarship: UofR FGSR Funding/Special Awards (Various Opportunities). External Scholarship: Mitacs Accelerate. National Scholarship: National Scholarship, External Student and Faculty Awards, Mackenzie King Open Scholarship, NSERC Doctoral, Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships, Vanier - Tri-Council (Doctoral Students).

for MASc: UofR Scholarship: UofR FGSR Funding/Special Awards (Various Opportunities). External Scholarship: Mitacs Accelerate. National Scholarship: CGS Masters (CIHR or NSERC or SSHRC), IODE War Memorial Doctoral Scholarship, Mackenzie King Open Scholarship.

for Undergraduate: NSERC USRA, UofR Entrance Scholarships & Awards (Various Opportunities).

for Postdoc: Miatcs Elevate, Mitacs Accelerate, NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship, NSERC Banting.

  • Other Scholarship Opportunities:

- UofR information: Graduate students' awards, Undergraduate students' awards.

- External information: is a great resource for students to explore external scholarship and award opportunities.

  • Students from underrepresented groups are highly encouraged to apply for the positions. Dedicated scholarships for diverse communities are available in the various sources such as indigenous scholarships, women in engineering scholarships. Below are some available scholarships at the University of Regina for underrepresented groups which can be found on our FGSR Scholarships web page:

- FGSR Indigenous Entrance Scholarship (full tuition covered for first 3 semesters)

- Queen Elizabeth II Centennial Aboriginal Scholarship (valued at $20,000)

- Levene Indigenous Pathways Graduate School of Business Award (valued at $20,000)

- Constance Jones Scholarship for Students of Aboriginal Ancestry (valued at $10,600)

- Indigenous Graduate Students in Education Scholarship (valued at $5,450)

- Indigenous Graduate Student in Public Policy Studies Scholarship (valued at $4,000)

- Meitheral Award (valued at $2,500)

- RBC Women in Leadership Scholarship (valued at $2,400)

- Dean of Arts' Building Dreams and Futures Scholarship (valued at $2,200)

- City of Regina Henry Baker Scholarship (valued at $2,000)

- Dan Perrins Public Policy Award (valued at $1,200)

- Aboriginal Kinesiology & Health Studies Award (valued at $1,000)

- Regina Engineering Society Graduate Scholarship (valued at $750)

The following competitions also provide opportunities to nominate fully eligible Indigenous students over and above the Tri Agency's quote:

- Vanier Doctoral (which includes CIHR, NSERC & SSHRC) (valued at $150,000 over 3 years)

- CIHR Doctoral (valued up to $105,000 over 3 years)

- NSERC Doctoral (valued up to $105,000 over 3 years)

- SSHRC Doctoral (valued up to $105,000 over 3 years)

- NSERC USRA (valued at minimum of $10,000)

Last update: August 24, 2022