Consulting and Services


  • Rapid Transit Parking Management, San Francisco, US

  • Data-Driven Transit Network Re-design and Vehicle Maintenance, San Francisco, US

  • Artificial Intelligent Decision Support System, Virginia, US

  • Dynamic Pricing of Urban Rail System (light rail and metro), Bejing, China

Professional sectors, companies and individuals interested in consulting services, collaborative projects and industrial partnerships, please contact Dr. Yili Tang at

Professional Services

Professional Services:

  • Vice Chair of Transportation Division, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE).

  • Conference organizing committee, Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (HKSTS).

  • Member, Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE).

  • Member, Canadian Transportation Research Forum (CTRF).

  • Member, Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE).

  • Member, Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS).

  • Member, International Transportation Economics Association (ITEA)

Faculty and university committee and services:

  • Executive of Council Member, UofR

  • Co-op Committee Member, UofR

  • Market Supplement Committee Member, UofR

  • Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Council Committee Member, UofR

  • NSERC Doctoral Selection Committee Member, UofR

  • Faculty Departmentalization Committee Member, UofR

  • Postgraduate Professional Development Committee Member, HKUST

Last update: August 24, 2022