On-demand Transit


Project Title: Human factors and operation strategies for on-demand transit services in urban and suburban communities

The project will explore human factors, theories, system modelling and strategies related to on-demand transit (ODT). Without sufficient knowledge of human and operation impacts, ODT may also induce costly and less sustainable systems. 

The research project is funded by SSHRC 

Research Motivation

The need for ODT arose from the lack of efficiency in public transit.

Public transit services can be:

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Applicants interested in pursuing PhD or MASc positions, please contact Dr. Yili (Kelly) Tang


Yili (Kelly) Tang, Ph.D., P.Eng

Assistant Professor

Bingyu Zhao, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, TU Wien

Zaima Tasneem

MASc Student

Wong Lok (Borison) Hang

Mitacs Intern