Multi-agent robotic coordination


Project Title: Multi-agent mobility control system with heterogeneous and autonomous agents

The project will explore the coordination system and model between multiple autonomous agents and devices related to agents' navigation, communication, and precision. To construct an integrated system to perform the complex task and meet actual usage needs.

Research Motivation

Unable to share agents data in real-time

Cost ineffective, especially for independent agent performing complex tasks

Bother to operate and maintain multiple individual agents

Difficult to know the location and status of all agents in real time

Research Objectives

To develop an integrated system and platform to share mutiple agents data that is able to connect different numbers of agents.

To develop navigation algorithm and solution methods for practical and industrial using based on the shared platform data.

To identify and quantify the similarity and difference of mutiple agents cooperation and mutiple individual agents performance in the complex system.

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Yili (Kelly) Tang, Ph.D., P.Eng

Principal Investigator

Xinyu Liu

Research Assistant

David Elumeze

Research Assistant

Dowon Kim

Research Assistant